Helpful Tips to Choose the Right Alcohol Treatment Center in Utah

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Finding the right alcohol treatment center in Utah can be challenging, especially if you’re struggling with shame and guilt. This is normal, and it will get better. Successful substance abuse addiction recovery is a “rising ridge of struggle, growth, and determination” followed by a peak in wellbeing and confidence in life.

What Makes an Alcohol Treatment Center the Right One For You?

This might seem like an overwhelming question, particularly if you’ve never had to check into a rehab center. The first thing to remember is you should feel safe at all times. The decision to get help is a big one, and you deserve peace inside a safe environment for healing. That said, these helpful tips will help you choose the right alcohol treatment center in Utah. 

Tip # 1: Check out the rehab center’s reputation 

Asking about the legitimacy of an alcohol treatment center from different sources is arguably the most important thing you can do when looking for a treatment center. The best ones with good reputations will put that first. Check with websites like and for service listings. These sites have selections that let you narrow down a search.

Reputable rehab centers want to be part of nationwide networks that help people overcome addiction disorders and other mental health issues. Check with organizations like the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for participation in these organizations. You can also check with sources like Psychology Today for guidance on what type of treatment you’ll need. Often these sites list other key information like licensing.

Tip # 2: Know your treatment options

Your doctor or other healthcare provider either recommended or prescribed treatment or will as soon as you check into the alcohol treatment center. You need to find out what is available to you based on your needs and insurance or treatment costs. Not all rehabs, for example, offer experiential services or can facilitate the 12-Step Program.

Another thing to consider is the treatment for dual diagnoses. No matter how happy they are, everyone has days when they feel a little down or depressed. Mixing alcohol and depression, or even feeling down, asks for trouble. Over time, using alcohol to feel better causes mental and health problems. 

In these cases, the alcohol treatment center should have treatment for mental health disorders, like depression, in addition to treatment for alcoholism. Research shows that concurrently treating both conditions offers the greatest success.

Tip # 3: Ask about specialized services

Choosing the right alcohol treatment center in Utah requires knowledge of what you like doing for fun in your free time. You might ask, what does this have to do with alcohol rehab? Good question. Alcohol and addiction treatment does not happen in a vacuum – life goes on. If you don’t fill your life with meaningful moments, other things creep into your thoughts. 

You should be able to have fun at your alcohol rehab. But it isn’t all fun, which is one of the points of experiential services. The point is mixing medically monitored/supervised therapeutic treatments with meaningful experiences. Successful treatment facilities use experiential activities to build confidence and reawaken a passion for living. The exact relationship between experience and therapy works in other therapeutic situations

The experiences you have while going through alcoholism treatment encourage your brain to connect healthy experiences with healthy thinking. Instead of reaching for a drink, the hope is your brain makes the connection that you get the same (or better) endorphin high from experience.

Tip # 4: What are the amenities? 

The fourth tip on this list looks at the residential experience. Most effective alcohol treatment programs require an extended stay, usually around 30 or 45 days. It doesn’t do any good to go out and have fantastic adventure experiences, then come back home to a cold concrete-walled rehab room. Everything about the alcohol treatment center should be positive. This includes even the most minor details!

You can have spa-like treatment as you undergo alcoholism treatment. Evidence-based treatments produce better sobriety rates. Combine these with positive experiences that make you happy, and your brain has memorable connections to available coping skills. This eventually leads to successful relapse prevention. 

Last But Not Least

Remember, nothing should be left to chance. Even your diet at the rehab center should lead to a positive experience. These tips should help you choose the right alcohol treatment center in Utah. But keep in mind that living in the Beehive State means plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. The type of outdoor experiences available to you while undergoing alcoholism treatment is crucial for the treatment outcome. 

Rising Ridge Recovery is a dual diagnosis mental health and substance abuse treatment center in Wellsville, Utah. We know that addiction is a challenging illness, and recovery from it is a hard but noble path. Our treatment programs are designed to help you achieve the strength and resilience to rise to the peak of what is truly possible in your life. Please give us a call at 385-440-7050 for more information on how we can help you, or your loved one, start the journey to successful long-term recovery.

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