How An Addiction Treatment Center Can Help You Beat Your Addiction

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Addiction is a horrible illness that takes everything from addicts and their families. Forget the old stigmas about how you got on drugs in the first place–addiction is a specific illness with treatments that work for each type. 

You don’t need to feel ashamed or guilty for getting help. Addiction treatment is hard work and a noble journey. An addiction treatment center is the best place to get help. Everything you need to recover is right there within reach. 

Get the Help You Deserve

Getting help beating addiction is a process with steps that guide you to recovery and remission. Notably, there are things happening inside your brain that need to be corrected. Because these corrections are difficult to accomplish without help, those with addiction illnesses increase their odds of beating their addictions with addiction-focused treatments.

The first step is understanding you can’t beat your addiction on your own. Using drugs and alcohol may have started out as “occasional” and “recreational.” Now your brain is constantly chasing a better high as your body tries to cope with lower levels of artificially-produced endorphins. Getting help from a drug addiction treatment center begins the process of fixing your brain’s chemical imbalance and cravings to be “high.”

You shouldn’t face your addiction challenges on your own. Addiction treatment gives you the space to figure things out and find your well-being. 

Today’s Addiction Treatments are Better Than Ever

The science behind what causes addiction has advanced significantly over the last several decades. The result is the development of evidence-based treatments that work. Treatment programs run the range of medicines and counseling to experiential services that promote the production of natural endorphins. 

In Utah, the best addiction treatment centers utilize a combination of traditional and experiential-based therapies. As a state, Utah is ideal for introducing physical activities like water skiing and rock climbing into therapy programs. Nature and its renewal properties is an ideal treatment place.

What is Experiential-Based Therapy? 

The very real and sometimes painful reality of addiction is that we humans like feeling good, especially when we feel bad emotionally. Sometimes painful memories or other trauma forces us to suppress them with drugs and alcohol so they cannot be felt. Using fun activities, experiential-based therapies begin to replace the bad feelings with good ones so you can let the bad memories go. 

Some examples of experiential services that treat addiction include:

  • Trauma Yoga Therapy
  • Tai Chi
  • Hiking and Rock Climbing
  • Fly Fishing

These are only four of the more than two dozen experiential services developed for use with addiction treatments. These services help patients develop healthy mind, body, and spirit connections between physical activity and positive well-being. The point is to immerse you in activities that induce natural reactions to things instead of drug-induced reactions. In other words, experiential services teach you a better way to feel, one that is instructive and not destructive.

Treatment Designed Specifically For You

Checking into a drug rehab facility isn’t a shameful thing to do, it is a healthy thing to do. Think about it! You wouldn’t want a brain surgeon operating on your heart. So why would you go to ordinary drug rehab with nothing more than group therapy and an empty bed? Licensed and reputable drug addiction treatment facilities use treatments specifically designed for your addiction illness. Staff and other experts know what to do to help you beat that addiction for good.

An addiction treatment center, especially one that uses experiential services, is the best way to beat your addictions. With 30 and 60-day stays, guests develop healthy daily living habits they can take with them when they leave. The point is to learn through positive reinforcement, you can live without drugs and alcohol.


Some people try to beat their addiction illness on their own with nothing but willpower. This approach is probably the least successful. Addiction treatment needs a holistic approach that addresses the damaged connections between the mind, body, and spirit. Successful addiction treatment at an addiction treatment center should include treatments that correct these damaged connections.

At Rising Ridge Recovery, we use experiential services that help guests develop mindfulness. As well-being develops, guests relearn how to live without drugs and alcohol, essentially making new connections between good behaviors and healthy living. As a residential treatment facility, Rising Ridge uses state-of-the-art therapies based on evidence. Staff then reinforces these therapies with the outdoor setting in nature and various activities that embrace nature. 

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