Understanding How Substance Abuse Treatment Can Help You Overcome Your Addiction

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All substance abuse treatment programs aren’t created equal. At the minimum, state hospitals give patients a bed, a few hot meals, and a referral to another state hospital. Then there are the high-end rehab centers that cater to celebrities. In the quest for the best treatment for substance abuse, these differences in care tell us nothing about how you overcome your addiction. 

Understanding how substance abuse treatment works starts with knowing what makes you feel positive and empowered in your life. Ideally, you must pay close attention to your own body without the substance running through your veins. When ready, you notice subtle things that lead to your substance abuse. It could be boredom or wanting to escape a painful memory, among others.

Set Your Goals and Open a Self-Esteem Bank

Above all else, substance abuse treatment should lead you to feel positive about your life. This feeling builds with wellbeing and mindfulness as you gradually trust your relapse prevention routines. If you set a substance abuse treatment goal before beginning the program, you can tailor daily goals to get the most from treatment. The daily goals and small steps leading to successful changes in actions help us cope with relapse triggers. 

Setting this initial goal kick-starts your brain to think about reaching the goal. A substance abuse treatment program should be tailored to achieve this goal. With the help of staff, this goal helps build self-esteem as you meet the daily goals, which in turn adds to the self-esteem bank. The self-esteem bank is an essential part of the guest’s substance abuse treatment program. The self-esteem bank will gradually fill with things representing success from the first day to the last, like seeing a trigger before it triggers and avoiding a relapse episode.

Tools to Help Reach Daily Recovery Goals

One of the most destructive aspects of substance abuse is the way it gradually changes how we think about our lives and the world around us. Substance abuse treatment in a licensed rehab center helps you realign your life priorities. Treatment should do this through experiencing daily life activities that feel good to you. 

Experiential Services to Help With Your Recovery

As you receive the specific substance abuse treatment prescribed or recommended by your doctor, you should be surrounded by positive energy. The reasoning is you have a better chance at success if your immediate surroundings contribute to what you want to accomplish. If you turn to drugs and/or alcohol to avoid boredom in your substance abuse life, your best chance at success comes when you know how to keep yourself from experiencing boredom. 

Experiential services and treatments show guests there are outdoor activities that help them avoid boredom. Activities like moderate hiking take effort to reach a ridge where there is a once-in-a-lifetime view. The number of experiential type treatments and services is limited only by imagination. 

Set a Daily Routine For Success

When guests enter a residential substance abuse treatment program, it takes several days to get into a routine. Success comes with repetition, something you can count on when a trigger pops up. Humans do very well with routines, particularly ones that help maintain a healthy status quo, i.e., I eat this apple, I feel better, so I eat an apple the next day, and so on. 

Substance abuse treatment combined with experiential services in a healthy routine of daily activities is the best way to overcome addiction illness. A residential rehab program that goes 30 or 45 days (and in some cases longer) gives guests the best possible chance at reaching addiction remission. Please call (385) 200-9764 or (385) 200-9042 for more information about Rising Ridge Recovery’s programs and services.

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