What are the Different Levels of Care Offered at Alcohol Treatment Centers in Utah

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In Wellsville, Utah the night sky can be a blanket of twinkling lights competing only with the unique landscape of mountains and deserts. In this setting, Rising Ridge wants to bring hope into your addiction darkness. 

It is “Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.” Martin Luthe King, Jr.

Alcoholism Treatment at Rising Ridge Recovery 

Are you looking for a safe place to get alcohol treatment in Utah? You’re not alone! As we adjust back to some type of normal life after the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us might have picked up some bad habits. In particular, many may depend too much on those alcoholic drinks before bed, only to wake up the next morning hungover.

Choosing the best alcohol treatment center in Utah can be challenging. Keep in mind, there are different levels of dependence and sociability associated with alcohol abuse. Your treatment varies depending on your level of need and what you want to accomplish. In a broad view, alcohol treatment centers in Utah offer care at different levels:

  • Level I–Minimal outpatient care in a clinic or other facility.
  • Level II-Intensive outpatient care in a clinic or other facility.
  • Level III–Residential care in a live-in facility.

Rising Ridge is a residential care facility. However, we are not a medically licensed detox center. The level of care available at Rising Ridge helps guests adjust to sober living in a managed environment specifically designed for addiction treatment. 

Alcohol Treatment and Relapse Prevention Care

Treatment for alcoholism and relapse prevention care often go hand in hand in a sober living environment. At Rising Ridge, we believe in treating the “whole” person with positive living arrangements that make guests feel pampered and safe. Giving guests a place where the energy of healing is part of the environment gives them the best chance at preventing relapse. 

Relapse prevention care involves treating the whole person. This includes the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of well-being. Preventing a relapse means you’ve identified triggers and know how to stop them before they cause you to relapse. These triggers can come from any of the three parts of the whole person. Rising Ridge helps you recognize these triggers and cope with them so you feel empowered to not allow them to control your relapse prevention.  

The Best Outcome-Based Treatment Programs In Utah

From top to bottom the staff at Rising Ridge ensure guests have the most pleasant and positive treatment experience possible. To do this, we combine modern treatment options for alcoholism and addiction prevention with a luxurious spa-like rehab experience. Indeed, you may even forget you’re in a rehab facility, which is kind of our point! 

Adding to the positive vibes that surround Rising Ridge is the ever-present place of being in nature. Our facility is located on more than twenty rural Utah acres with the mountains as a backdrop. Our land borders a nature preserve so you’ll probably see wildlife at Rising Ridge. Not to worry though. This natural spectacle is part of what makes Rising Ridge a special place for receiving alcohol and addiction treatment.

Some of the treatments available at Rising Ridge include:

Recreational Therapy

This type of therapy gets the mind and body involved in doing activities that are not related to drugs or alcohol. Some physical activities produce endorphins that we find pleasurable. We want you to connect this feeling with the positivity of not using drugs or drinking alcohol.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Rising Ridge teaches and practices mindfulness as a way of being in the “present.” When applied to behaviors, we begin to understand our triggers on a deeper level

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 

This type of therapy teaches people how to recognize negative thoughts and how they influence how we do things. As an alcoholic and drug addict, you’ve relied on these thoughts for justification. This therapy intervenes and works to rethink those thoughts.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an integral part of alcohol and drug addiction therapy because of the social aspect. Being alone is the worst thing someone can do when seeking help so we encourage group activities in addition to traditional group therapy.

Final Thoughts

For alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Utah, consider calling Rising Ridge Recovery. Our brand new facility is open and ready for guests. We take nature and help guests recover and rejuvenate in luxury. Call us today for the help you need!

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